Kyle PorterKyle Porter received his B.A. for Film at Vassar College in 2010 with a minor in Comparative Philosophy.  During his time at Vassar College studying film, Kyle became familiar with location sound with mixers and recorders. He also is proficient in editing software such as Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS5, Logic, Max/MSP, Audacity and SPEAR.  Since his time at Vassar, Kyle Porter has worked on feature films, short narratives, documentaries, commercials and reality TV shows, where he was able to gain experience to perfect his editing and mixing skills.

Kyle Porter is fully versed in location sound and the post-production process. With his experience on location and working in multiple areas of film in other departments, Kyle has gained invaluable problem solving skills and a sense of professionalism that allows him to work effectively, comfortably, and efficiently with others. Please contact Kyle Porter for an official copy of his complete resume.

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